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Renting Video Equipment – The Basics

"Lights… Camera… Magic!"

- Disney

You're ready to create a cinematic masterpiece. Before you call "action" your first step on the path to greatness is to determine what equipment you need to rent for the job. Every project is different, and to achieve the best possible results from your shoot, you need the right tools in your hands from the very first frame.

So how do you choose the video equipment rental gear that fits your high standards and unique project?

Start by considering the scope and direction of your video. Are you shooting a documentary? A commercial? A music video, or even a direct-to-internet video? Is your film set outdoors, in low light, or in challenging conditions? The nature of your project will help you choose the right gear from the wide assortment of video equipment rentals out there.

When thinking about your video, also be sure to consider your own experience level as a filmmaker. If you're just getting started in the field, you don't want to get in over your head with your video equipment rental by trying to master tools that are designed for an industry expert. Your options for video equipment rentals should be guided by what you can reasonably use and understand. It's always important to be honest with yourself and with those who work with you on your equipment selection.

Next, think about your budget. Once you know what sort of video you're making, how much money are you prepared to spend on video equipment rental? Remember, the budget isn't just about the camera itself. You must also consider additional production equipment, including camera accessories, lighting setups, hardware, electrical gear, structural items, and even expendables (tape, wipes, etc.). Plan out everything you'll need as completely as possible before making up your budget.

Finally (and most importantly), talk to the pros! When you come to Reel Men for your video equipment rentals, you can be confident that our staff will help you select the best equipment for your needs. Our experts will answer any questions you may have about the cameras, lighting, and other gear that we rent. Our philosophy is simple: When our equipment has helped you produce a video project that you're proud of, we've done our jobs right. Reel Men Rentals has been there for many filmmakers over the years, and we are proud to be your partner, too!