Video Camera Rentals

Why (and How) to Rent Video Cameras

"We're going to make you a rental offer you can't refuse…"

- Reel Men, Inc.

To get the best results from your video project, you need the right camera for the job. There are many options out there, and the nature of your project (plus some valuable advice from the experts at Reel Men) can help you determine the ideal video camera for your needs. But once you know what sort of camera you'll use, should you rent or buy? In many cases, video camera rentals are the best course of action for the modern filmmaker.

For starters, a lot of people rent video cameras for their projects because it's more cost-effective than buying the equipment outright. High-quality video cameras are pricey prospects, and unless you have the funds of a major studio behind you, your camera needs may be best filled by video camera rentals rather than purchases. When you rent, you'll keep more of your money while also maintaining the ability to pitch and work on your projects as needed, including special projects that may require specialized video equipment. When you rent video cameras, you have the perfect gear at your fingertips for as long as you require it, and then you simply return the equipment at the end of the shoot.

Another cost-related perk to renting instead of buying is the maintenance. If you own the camera, you have to keep it up with cleanings and repair. If you rent, however, the rental company is responsible for maintaining the equipment in good, clean condition. When you rent video cameras from Reel Men, you can be confident that the equipment is ship-shape, shined up, and ready for your shoot.

An additional reason to choose video camera rentals over purchases is space. Many filmmakers don't have the storage space at hand for large-scale video cameras and additional equipment. If you buy video cameras, you must find a place to put them when you're not using them, but if you rent, you don't have to worry about storage. You can focus on your video project and not on where to stash the gear when you're done.

Once you've made the decision to rent your video camera, how do you go about renting what you need? Let the helpful staffers at Reel Men Rentals, Inc. be your partners in camera and equipment rental. We can walk you through the process of choosing and renting your video camera, from the type of camera you need to the length of time you'll need it. We can also give you a hand with accessories, lighting, structural pieces and anything else your shoot requires.

Smart filmmakers rent video cameras, and the smartest filmmakers rent from Reel Men.