Red One Camera Rental [OLD]

RED ONE and RED EPIC Cameras

“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up…”

-Sunset Blvd.

In 2005, a new digital cinematography company appeared on the scene, simply and colorfully named RED. In 2006, the company announced the release of its highly-anticipated first camera, the RED ONE. It took two more years of promotion, preparation, and pre-orders before the RED ONE finally hit the market in 2008. The RED ONE, while somewhat limited in features at its release, was a groundbreaking entry into the digital video camera market. With its 4K capture, 35mm image plane, and 2K to 4.5K resolutions, filmmakers can go from 1-120 fps with the RED ONE easily. Free firmware updates ensure that the camera stays technologically flexible.

RED didn’t stop with just ONE, of course. The company continues to push the envelope of digital videography, and in 2011, RED released the RED EPIC. The Mysterium-X sensor on the RED EPIC is a 5K, 13.8 megapixel Bayer pattern 14-bit CMOS sensor with 1-120fps capabilities at full resolution. The RED EPIC is compact (about 4 pounds) with interchangeable lens mounts, making it a versatile choice. Its cutting-edge technology allows filmmakers to capture exquisite shots for just about any format, even IMAX 3D.

Not one to sit on its laurels after the success of its ONE and EPIC camera lines, RED continues to leap forward, with new tech developments announced each year. For a variety of modern, top-of-the-line digital camera options, RED is the obvious choice for the modern filmmaker.

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