HD Video Camera Rental [OLD]

HD Video Camera Rental

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

– Casablanca

Renting is often a preferable option to buying when it comes to pricey video gear. Video rental equipment is generally less expensive than buying what you need, and it is maintained and stored by the rental company, not the videographer. Using video rental equipment saves the filmmaker money, maintenance and storage space while allowing for maximum versatility in projects, since specialized cameras and equipment can be rented, used and returned.

Naturally, all of these rental perks apply to HD video camera rental equipment, as standard definition won’t always do the trick. If your discerning eye demands high definition video for your project, you’ll need an HD camera to produce the results you want. A wide variety of video cameras offer HD recording options, from low-end camcorders to high-end professional-grade instruments.

What does high definition actually mean? HD produces video of more than 480 horizontal lines (as defined in the U.S.), with 720 lines being the minimum for most of today’s HD cameras. HD video cameras have display resolution options of 1920×1080 (1080i/1080p) and 1280×720 (720p). In general, HD video is a higher quality product than standard definition, with better signal/noise ratios than traditional film. HD also tends to move more easily into popular editing software, giving you a smoother process as you tweak your project into video perfection. Overall, HD cameras are a great choice for most film projects and special events.

So how do you choose the right HD video camera rental for your shoot? For starters, examine the project you’re working on. Consider the target audience and format (big screen, TV, web), and think about any specialty video rental equipment you may require (lighting, structures, etc.). Don’t automatically go for the most expensive HD video camera rental available – instead, consider your own abilities as a filmmaker, your budget for the project, and your goals for the finished product.

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