Generator Rental Phoenix [OLD]

Generator Rental Phoenix

“It’s alive! It’s alive!”

– Frankenstein

You won’t get very far in your project if you don’t have a source of power handy, and as bright as the sun can get in Arizona, portable solar panels aren’t going to cut it. Cameras, lights, editing equipment, and other film gear run on electricity and battery packs, and those need a steady supply of juice. That’s why Reel Men Rentals, Inc. provides the choices in generator rental Phoenix filmmakers prefer.

Reel Men has a wide variety of generators for all sorts of productions and projects. We offer several types of portable or towable generators and a variety of power levels. From a small 100-amp portable generator to a 750-amp Crawford tow generator, we have the power you need the way you need it.

Not sure how much power you’ll require? Before you take a guess and end up with a generator that’s far too large (or worse, too small) for your project, talk to the experts at Reel Men. We can examine your equipment requirements, determine the amount of power needed, and recommend the right generator for your shoot. You’ll be sure to have plenty of power from the first frame to the last. And, by renting your generator instead of buying it, you can avoid high equipment costs and bulky storage problems.

Reel Men stands apart for its customer service, high-quality equipment, and large selection. There’s really no question; Reel Men has your generator rental needs (as well as all of your other camera and equipment requirements) covered. We’re your partner in power and production!