Grip Truck Rental in Phoenix

Grip Truck Rental in phoenix


Looking for a Grip Truck? Are you working on your next film production and need access to more sophisticated film gear? You need Reelmen Rentals, a grip and electric rental company in Phoenix, Arizona. For the last 20+ years, we have been the premier provider of G&E film gear in Arizona.

Finding A Grip Truck Rental Company In Phoenix, AZ


Finding the right grip and electric company in a smaller market like Phoenix or Scottsdale can be a little harder than it initially appears.  Several owner-operators in the area include our equipment on their website to make them look bigger than they really are. In many cases, their website is missing the inventory, often times with no backup. That’s scary!

When you select your grip and electric rental house, do not just consider the package of gear on the grip truck itself, but the service and support you will be provided. Here are several talking points when looking around town:  

  • Does your grip truck vendor have backup trucks?
  • Does your grip truck vendor have a mechanic on staff?  
  • Do they have Millions of dollars of inventory in their warehouse to support your job should something change?  
  • Does your grip truck vendor have Full time employees that work at the shop, answer the phone, and are there to solve your problems?  
  • How about a complete “one stop shop” offering, including camera, production supplies, G&E, and anything else you need for your next job?

The Cost of Renting A Grip Truck

As you know, grip truck packages include a wide variety of gear… rags, stands, sandbags, etc. Truck packages are heavily discounted compared to renting everything a la carte.  In addition, having standard packages on the truck means you are prepared for the unexpected on set. Given the grip truck rental packages are priced, you will almost always save money going with a grip truck rental assuming you pick the right size truck for the job.

Pricing and load lists for most grip truck rentals tends to be fairly standardized based on truck sizes. So the key is selecting the right truck for your particular job… whether it is a 1 ton grip truck package that is perfect for a talking head interview, or a 10-ton for that grip-heavy outdoor shoot.

The rental price includes all the gear on the truck, but typically does not include expendables such as tape, gel, and fuel.  In addition, there may be a mileage charge with rentals that exceed 100 miles. (We charge $0.50 per mile)

Renting A Grip Truck For The First Time?

Grip and electric trucks come in a variety of sizes.  The most common ones are the 1 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton and 10 ton trucks.  As the tonnage gets bigger, the physical size of the truck and the size of the included grip package increase.

Reel Men Grip Trucks

With decades of experience, we’ve refined our truck packages to make them highly functional.  With features like custom shelving, large cantilever lift gate big enough to hold carts and dollies, ample jockey boxes… our truck save you time on set.  There are also a bunch of little touches that you may never notice are there, but are there when you need them. For example, all our lift gates have two sets of controls, so if one gets pinched in the gate, you are not dead in the water.  We also include LED interior lighting to save batteries for loading up late at night… and integrated batteries chargers when you work the gate a little too hard without starting the truck. Sometimes, it’s those little touches that make the difference!

Your Choice of Grip Trucks:


10-Ton Truck

Day Rate : $800.00 Mileage: $0.50/mile

Our 10-ton grip truck is the largest in our fleet, and the largest in Arizona.  This truck features two of each frame size, a doorway dolly, 30 c stands, and tons of grip hardware.  A CDL-level truck, it has the size and power to handle large loads of equipment (and even tow a generator) with ease.


5-Ton Truck

Day Rate: $500.00 Mileage: $0.50/mile

The 5 ton is our bread-and-butter grip truck, with frame sizes up to 20×20, and ample room for your carts and gear.  We also reconfigure these as 5ton electric trucks when you want a separate 5ton for grip and electric departments. An optional 5 ton lighting package is available that includes two 1.2K HMI pars, kinos, and a tungsten package.


3-Ton Truck

Day Rate: $475.00 Mileage: $0.50/mile

Great for smaller productions that need mobility. Include frames up to 12×12, and an electric package with HMIs, Kinos, and a tungsten package.  You get the benefit of a large lift gate, jockey boxes, and aisle space, making it a great all-in-one package. Beefy enough to tow a generator. Note that our 3 ton is stick shift!


1-Ton Truck

Day Rate: $400.00 Mileage: $0.50/mile

Sometimes a big grip truck is overkill.  When you need to pack a lot of gear in a small package, the 1ton is great.  Perfect for interviews and smaller teams, the 1ton packs a grip package up to 8×8 frames, HMIs, Kinos, and a tungsten package in a van small enough to fit into a hotel parking garage!  The HMIs and Kinos alone cost more than the entire package, making this grip truck rental an amazing deal!


Beyond the grip truck rental

Reel Men is a full service rental house.  That means our job is to make sure your project is a success!

Need help to pick the right truck for your project?  Just let us know the gear you need or the type of project you have, and we’d be happy to recommend the best (and least expensive way) to get what you need.

Need a driver for your truck, or even full crew?  No problem.

Want your truck delivered to set?  You bet.

No insurance?  We have workarounds!

Give a call today and let us help you with your next grip truck rental!


Film and TV production brought $12.3 million to Phoenix

Article Source: By Brandon Brown  – Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal

[ Mar 28, 2018, 6:00pm EDT ]

In 2017 digital media productions for commercials, television and internet brought in $12.3 million to Phoenix, according to data released Wednesday by the Phoenix Community and Economic Development Film Office.

The majority of those projects were commercials, industrial or corporate videos and still photography. Phil Bradstock, Phoenix Film Commissioner, said 2017 was on a similar level as the last five years, when not accounting for the shooting of the fifth Transformers movie in 2016.

“That movie was an anomaly,” Bradstock said. “We see mostly commercial production, industrial and corporate videos, and still photography in Phoenix.” Philip Bradstock, Film Commissioner, City of Phoenix Film Office


Last year, nearly 3,700 locals worked in crews and as talent for projects produced over nearly 1,100 shooting days, according to the city’s numbers, and out-of-town workforce booked over 1,500 hotel nights.“Phoenix offers a tremendous array of beautiful locations for film crews to use, and the Office of Film and Digital Media has done a great job getting the word out,” Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio said in a statement. “Since almost all of these companies are headquartered outside of Arizona, every dollar they help bring in is a new dollar here in Phoenix, like the money we bring in on tourism, that has an outsized impact on our economy.” Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio

There were a total of 96 commercial projects shot in Phoenix in 2017, generating $5.4 million. Automakers Chevrolet and Ford both filmed commercials in Phoenix that ran during the Super Bowl or the Winter Olympics and Coca-Cola filmed a commercial in downtown Phoenix and at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Infiniti, Calvin Klein, New Balance, Footlocker and E*Trade all shot still images in Phoenix last year.

Bradstock said the city is open to working with all types of productions. In 2017, a total of 36 reality TV specials were shot in town, generating $624,340.

“We have a number of reality TV shows shooting in Phoenix every year,” Bradstock said. “While some of the shows, like ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ have fixed studio locations elsewhere, we work with them on setting up dates. Papago Park is a popular backdrop for dates.”

Who is Reelmen?

Reelmen is the Largest Rental House for Grip and Electric, Film, Still, and Camera Rental in Phoenix, Arizona. Call us at 602-286-6800.

Renting camera gear vs buying gear

Still hooked in between the option of renting a camera gear or buying one? Here is a sharp and concise analysis on buying a camera gear and renting a camera gear. One factor to consider is that camera gears tend to get an upgrade every year, so there are always new and improved ones in the market. So maybe it’s not the best idea to purchase.  

rent camera gear by

Buying a camera gear

  • Most freelancers will stand behind buying camera gear as the best option when you plan to use for a long period. This is despite that you might end up paying the amount of the cost of the camera gadget for rent. Let’s say the cost of renting the gadget in a day cost $5 and the gear is meant to be used for 30 days, that’s $1500, and they gear’s cost of purchasing is same as the cost of renting for 30 days. I will go with buying if I am in this position.
  • For a business person a camera gear that is bought is also a camera gear for rent, so buying a camera gear gives one the opportunity to make extra cash by renting it out to interested persons. In the long run, renting it out might pay up to 1/5 of the camera cost.
  • If it’s camera gear that will continually carry out a vital function in you daily job, to deliver the best services to your clients, it may be worth the investment.

Renting a camera gear

As much as we have seen the positive sides of buying camera gear, we are convinced that buying is a better pick, but let’s see that of renting before we make our pick.

  • Camera gear rental here in Phoenix automatically gives you access to camera accessories, you don’t have to buy special camera accessories for the rented camera. This offer does not come with getting a new camera; you have to pay for the accessories.
  • Film gear rental here in Phoenix comes with a favorable condition that is, If there is any problem with the gears the rental office replaces it with another, so you are sure of getting your work done without paying for repairs, unlike having your personal gear.
  • Care and maintenance of camera gear can be a daring process, but not when it is rented. After the camera shoot, one returns the gear to the rental office where they do the maintenance.
  • Renting gives you the advantage of getting the required camera gear for any particular camera shoot not trying to multitask your bought camera. But this solely depends on what the rental office has in store. Film gear rental in Arizona offers recent technology in camera gear.

Camera technology tends to change frequently and renting gives the opportunity to try out that new technology.

Here is a really cool video on renting camera gear vs owning your gear. Hopefully you will see the benefits of renting camera gear near you at Reelmen:

More About Reelmen

Reelmen is the leader in camera gear rental, film rental and grip and electric in phoenix, arizona. Also check out the best film studio in arizona and our video production services in phoenix as well. We are located at 3902 E Broadway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85040. Call us at 602-286-6800.